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NOTE:  This website is simple because I have a few clients who still use dial-up and I want everyone to be able to access this website.

Since June of 1999 we continue to service 250+ businesses and residences in the Central Florida area.  Chren Enterprises specializes in on-site computer service and consultations.  With our new remote services option, we can now fix your computer issues that much faster and with a quicker response time.  We will fix any PC or MAC based operating system and the corresponding hardware on a PC.  Desktops, laptops, workstations, servers, phones, printers, routers, modems, scanners, cameras and anything else that works with a computer…


Please call 321-229-6317 for an appointment. Our response time is no later than 8 hours for businesses and 24 hours for residential clients.  Our rates are as follows:

Business and Residential            $90.00                 Per Hour             $0.70 per mile driving charge

Remote When available              $  1.50                Per Minute         no driving surcharge

A Quickbooks invoice will be mailed or emailed afterward.

We now accept every major credit card:  AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER.  Onsite clients sign the credit card authorization form when using a credit card.

For remote jobs, just make sure you have a working internet connection, sign up with the free remote technology service and we can remote into your system with your permission and fix most of your computer issues in less than an hour.  Instead of the normal hourly rate, clients are only charged for the time spent in their computer remotely.  It is safe, reliable, and fast!


We have created a computer usage policy to be used throughout your company if you wish to implement it.  Just change the company name with your own and have each employee, intern, or contractor sign it.

For an all-purpose all-in-one security solution that handles viruses, spyware, and malware, we recommend using Microsoft Security Essentials.

For our business clients anti-virus needs, we recommend using Avast Pro for servers and workstations.  For our residential clients, we recommend using Avast free edition.  We also recommend using AVG free and Kapersky Pro as an alternative to Avast.

For anti-spyware needs, we recommend using MalwareBytes.

For impossible viruses that hijack your system, we recommend this very powerful tool:  ComboFix.

For fighting spam that takes up space in your outlook or outlook express inbox, we recommend using Spam Fighter or Mailwasher Free.

For one touch auto-cleanup of files in your recycle bin, temporary files, and cookies, we recommend using CleanUp! and EasyCleaner.

For seeing everything installed on your system, we recommend using Belarc Advisor and Speccy.

For always knowing what the temperature of your CPU is, we recommend using Speed Fan.

For viewing and editing Office 2007 or 2010 documents with Office 2003, we recommend using Microsoft Compatibility Pack 2007.

For a free alternative to Microsoft Office, we recommend using Openoffice.

For all your audio visual conversion needs, we recommend using

For a free pdf converter program, we recommend using CutePDF.

For a free ftp program, we recommend using Filezilla.

For lightning fast indexed searches for Outlook 2003 only, we recommend using Lookout.

For easy ISO burning needs, we recommend using FreeISOBurner.

For a faster alternative to Internet Explorer, we recommend using Firefox or Chrome.

The best add-ons within Firefox are Ad Block Plus and NoScript.

For web-based email, we recommend using Gmail.

For a better alternative than Microsoft’s defragmenting program, we recommend using Defraggler.

For a visual account of every file on your computer, including partitions, we recommend using WinDirStat.

For a visual account of what is actually on your startup for your PC, we recommend using autoruns.

For a better alternative to Microsoft’s task manager, we recommend using Process Explorer.

For on-line file backups of your chosen data, we recommend using Carbonite.

For off-line file backups of your chosen data, we recommend using Cobian.

For mirror image backups of your entire computer, we recommend using Acronis or Memeo.

For batch-file based backup of all your data, we recommend these custom batch files for your XP and Vista PCs.

For all your domain finding needs and to see if your domain name is on a blacklist, we recommend using MX Toolbox.

For free web-based fax sending straight to any fax machine, we recommend using

For your online voice chat needs, we recommend Skype.

For free internet radio stations and a music and video player for most types of media, we recommend using winamp and iTunes.

For a great virtual flash drive you can use anywhere we recommend using Dropbox

Websites I am currently looking into:  shockeymonkey, openfire (server), spark (client), and driving router planner.

Please be aware of our warranty effective 6/13/2008.

This page updated on 3/11/2012.

Cell/Work: 321-229-6317


Business and Personal Facebook pages

Snail mail: 237 Meadow Beauty Terrace Sanford, FL 32771

We appreciate your business and referrals are always welcome

as they are the lifeblood of this business.  Thank you!


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